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Cheesy Italian Rice Skillet

Hey y’all! I figured I better get back to work or I’m gonna get fired from my job. Haha! I’m feelin’ a bit rusty with blogging so bare with me. I’m going to edit this post about 9 times probably, but I’ll most likely still forget something, somewhere.  I took […]

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Skinny Southwest Dip

Hmm, let’s see if I can remember how to write a blog post… It’s been awhile! How’s it going? Me? Oh, I’m great! You may have noticed that the blog has been experiencing some technical difficulties off and on over the last couple weeks. Let’s just say I do a […]

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Stuffed Pepper Soup

Happy Sunday, y’all. Lately, we’ve been in the mood for soup around these parts. Eric could eat some soup on the hottest day in July, but me? I’ve gotta wait until the cold weather sets in which it has here in the Midwest. So, we are both super cozy, happy, […]

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Buffalo Chicken N’ Rice

Hey guys! If you haven’t noticed. I really kinda love creamy rice dishes. There is just somethin’ about’m that screams “comfort” to me. When I posted Mom’s Chicken and Rice last year. I had no idea that I would use that recipe as a base recipe for so many other […]

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Beef Stew

Happy Sunday, y’all. It’s pouring cats and dogs out! I promised this recipe so I am chaining myself to my desk until I am done writing this post for ya! (Unless of course a sweet little girl named Pepper asks me to play dolls with her. Spoiler Alert: She did. […]