Lightened Up Egg Salad Weight Watchers Friendly

Classic Egg Salad

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! Was that from a tv show long ago? Tool Time, was that the name? Tim Allen? No? Did I just make that up? Do I need another glass of cold brew this morning?

(Just in case some of you don’t know what Cold Brew is, it’s very strong coffee. I don’t want any new readers to see the word brew and think, “is this lady drunk at 8 am?” the answer is no, I’m not drunk at 8 am.. not today at least. Kidding!)

Anyway, Happiest of Fridays to you, my dear friends. Truthfully, I never post recipes on Fridays because no one is around. Like everyone is all, “It’s the freakin’ weekend baby- Let’s Party!!!” Okay, maybe not exactly. I don’t think I have a bunch of college kids following my blog and waiting to make egg salad during the week. Truthfully, I don’t think many people see stuff on Friday evening posts, but I hope you see this, because man alive, it’s good. Now let’s make some EGG SALAD!

I have a few different variations of egg salad. There’s Dill Pickle, hot Jalapeño, and then naturally I’ve got one that’s loaded up with some cheese and bacon. But today, we’re gonna keep it real simple. Maybe next time around I’ll get one of these Egg Salad variations up on this here blog a week before Easter, instead of after the time your really need a delicious Egg Salad recipe (because you have several thousand hard boiled eggs). Please forgive me! I know this post is late, but better late than never, right? That’s my motto. Oh yeah, I also have these Crispy Egg Salad Melts that sound kinda strange, but they are delicious, and ya’ll will love’m. We’re gonna keep it classic this time because a classic and scrumptious egg salad recipe is like a little black dress or a good pair of boots. We all need one. Am I right or am I right? I could sit here and chat for hours as you can tell, but let’s just get to where we are going…

In the kitchen:

Let’s talk about how to hard boil’m real quick. I feel as if everyone has their own tips & tricks on how to hard boil an egg. Some people add vinegar, some add salt, some use an Instant Pot, some use a little egg steamer contraption, some put’m in the oven (excuse me, what?), and well, my mom puts a pot on to boil, puts the eggs in, walks away, and tries to tell my sister and I that it only takes 5 minutes (but she doesn’t set a timer). My mama is one of the most hilarious people in the kitchen! She never sets timers, she never temps chicken, she never measures anything. She’s my idol… She’s fearless in the kitchen.  Wanna know how annoying it is to follow your mom’s directions for hardboiled eggs, when you need to make a couple dozen deviled eggs for a party? Boil eggs for 5 minutes. You’ll sure find out.

Let’s start with a pot. I use a 3-qt pot, and I GENTLY place the eggs on the bottom in a single layer.


Then add the water, until our eggs are about an inch below the surface.


Let’s bring’r to a boil. When she’s boiling, go ahead and remove from the heat, cover with a tight fitting lid, and SET A TIMER for 12 minutes. Go about your business. I normally go see what Miss Pepper is getting into… Wanna know what it was this time? She put a banana peel in the toilet. It’s fine… Life is good.


When the timer goes off run, don’t walk!… Just kiddin’, kinda. All I’m saying is don’t be takin’ your sweet time, Get yourself to that pot of eggs. I personally put the pot of water in the sink, turn the faucet on cold, and let the cold water run over the eggs. I then gently tip the pot to allow the water to drain while the cold water is running over the eggs. Continue letting the cold water run over the eggs for a couple minutes. I hope that doesn’t sound confusing. Truthfully, it’s the easiest way for me. I don’t wanna deal with getting ice and doing an ice bath, etc, etc.

Why all the cold water? As long as the eggs remain pretty hot/warm, they continue to cook… especially because they are in a shell, and there’s no good way for all the heat to escape. You’ll want to stop them from cooking, because if you don’t then they get that greenish color around the yolk, and they may start to smell. (I’ve had people ask how to get the egg smell out of the kitchen. Honestly, my kitchen never smells like eggs anymore, so I think it might be that the eggs are being overcooked when they get that smell.)


Now to peel the eggs! This can be the most dreaded part, right? I grab a small bowl, and continue to run cool water out of the faucet down into the bowl.

I then hold the egg under the water in the bowl, and peel. This makes peeling almost effortless!

Alright, alright! We’re done with the egg peeling part of the post. I feel like that was a lot of information about some hard boiled eggs. I hope it helps because truthfully it took me years to learn how to hard boil eggs properly. It’s mostly because my mom misinformed me at a very young age and I thought that I was just doomed, and that I would never make a proper egg salad or a batch of deviled eggs, Ever.

Look at that yolk. Just look at it! I mean, I love it!

Now chop those eggs up roughly. We don’t need to be perfect about this, I promise.

Now grab some green onions (chives will work here too) and chop ’em up! I usually do about 1/4 cup worth, sometimes a little more if I’m feelin’ it. Throw’m in with the eggs.


Add 1/4 cup of Hellmann’s light mayo, 1/4 cup + 2 tbs of nonfat greek yogurt, 1 tbs yellow mustard, 1/4 tsp smoked paprika, 1/2 tsp celery salt, aaaaand drum roll please…….. 2 tsp of sugar. Just do it. It helps give it the most perfect, slightly sweet taste. If you don’t have sugar in the house (which I know some of ya might not), It’s not essential to add it. You can add a bit of any sweetener if you’d like. Honey works pretty well too! I added the hint of sweetness mostly to get Eric off my back about not using that Miracle Whip crap. Don’t even get me started on egg salad & miracle whip… or for that matter, using Miracle Whip ever. 


Stir it all together real well! Cover it up & refrigerate it for at least 25 minutes, to let those flavors mingle and get to know each other a lil better.

Salt & Pepper, to taste.

Lightened Up Egg Salad Weight Watchers Friendly


Egg Salad! 

Lightened Up Egg Salad Weight Watchers Friendly

Okay, Let’s talk real quick here about how to make the ultimate egg salad sandwich. I’m not saying you have to eat it this way… I’m simply saying you have to eat it this way. 

  1. Grill yer bread! What’s that, you say? YES. GRILL THAT BREAD, FRIENDS! Just get an indoor grill pan- It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can get the same one I have, or run to Target and grab one there if ya don’t have one. The one I have is awesome and I use it for multiple things, but I am pretty sure grilling bread for sandwiches is its number one purpose. Click here for link to grill pan. (affiliate link)
  2. How to grill the bread: Spray it with just a bit of olive oil cooking spray, and lay it on the grill pan over medium heat. Press down on the bread every so often, then flip it over once you’ve got some fantastic grill marks. This really only takes about 2-3 minutes, if even.
  3. Plop some egg salad on that beautiful grilled bread with a bit of shredded lettuce. Eat and love, my friends. 


Lightened Up Egg Salad

Okay, you don’t have to grill your bread to make this awesome egg salad. It also tastes fantastic on a  soft bakery roll, or even with a spoon, straight out of the bowl.

so good, so simple, so classic… so easy.

Y’all will love it up! 

I hope you make it. Please let me know if ya do!

With love from my kitchen to yours,



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Lightened Up Egg Salad Weight Watchers Friendly
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Classic Egg Salad

A skinny-ish version of a tasty classic egg salad. It's perfect for sandwiches, salads, for scooping up with crackers, or all by itself. 

Course Main Course, Salad, Snack
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 6
Author Star


  • 10 hardboiled eggs roughy chopped
  • 1/4 cup Hellman's light mayo
  • 1/4 cup non fat plain greek yogurt (+ two tablespoons)
  • 1 TBSP yellow mustard
  • 1/4 cup green onions chopped, more or less depending on preference
  • 1/2 TSP celery salt
  • 1/4 TSP smoked paprika
  • 2 TSP sugar or honey (or sweetener of choice!)
  • salt & pepper, to taste


  1. In a bowl stir together all ingredients until combined fairly well. Cover and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes to let the flavors mingle. After refrigerating salt & pepper, to taste. 

Recipe Notes

Makes 3 cups

Suggested Serving size: 1/2 cup

1 Freestyle Smart Point (calculated with Weight Watchers Recipe Builder)

139 calories, 2g saturated fat, 9g fat, 3g carbohydrates, 0g fiber, 2g sugar, 11.5g protein (calculated with My Fitness Pal)






  1. Hi! This looks great. Can you recommend a low point and yummy bread? I cringe when some of the low calorie bread tastes/ feels like a sponge 🙂

    • Hi Ally! The bread I used in the pictures here is from the bakery at Kroger grocery. The brand is La Brea Bread Bakery and it’s amazing. It’s called Italian 5 grain, I believe. I personally try to use something yummy like that rather than a “diet” bread that you don’t like and weigh it out to get your serving. You’d be surprised to see that you actually get a lot more than you think. You’re going to be more satisfied when it’s something you really like too. Here in the photos, I’ve got 3 pieces and it was a total of 4 points, but I could have easily just gone with two pieces for less plus the egg salad. I also really like eating this with veggie flavored chips. (the round ones) Smart Portions (Walmart, Target, Jewel, Kroger) and Simple Nature (Kroger) are a couple brands off the top of my head. Slider rolls are great too! They usually range from 3-4 points per roll. I hope that helps and I hope ya love the Egg salad!

  2. Perfect! Made this yesterday and it was a hit! My family is very happy that I’ve found you. We’ve are all very much enjoying your recipes.

  3. Summer Abdulrazzak

    Made your egg salad recipe tonight. I took a bite before I put it in the fridge to chill and mesh and it was yummy! Can’t wait to make my sandwich tomorrow for work. Thank you for this recipe.

  4. Do you think this would turn out good using all greek yogurt instead of mayo? Not a big lover of the mayo….

    • If you love greek yogurt then it would probably be pretty good. I don’t LOVE greek yogurt and i need the flavor to be masked a bit. I think the mayo adds the perfect balance, but I’d say if you are a big fan then it would probably work just fine! Let me know how it goes if ya try it that way!

  5. Home Improvement!!

    I’m making this for lunches this week. For some reason I always forget about egg salad!

    • Home Improvement. YES!!! My dad’s favorite show when I was a kid. The show within the show was TOOL TIME! totally forgot. Thanks! haha!

  6. This is so delish, thank you for sharing. ❤️

  7. “Hey there, Hi there, Ho there” was from the Mickey Mouse club in the 50’s

  8. Can I make it without the yogurt? So add just another 1/4 cup of mayo?

    • Sure can, but the points/calories will change that. I hope you love it!

      • I did end up making this. It was SOOOOOOOO good and worth the house smelling like eggs and my 8 year old complaining . I didn’t add the sugar bc we don’t like miracle whip anyway . But next time I will add more green onions as I like a little crunch. I should have added more but wanted to follow the recipe. So so so good will be making this every time I crave egg salad.

        • So happy you enjoyed!! I like a little extra green onions too, but I didn’t want it to be “overly” onion-y for people. haha!

  9. Omg!! This is AMAZING! This is the first DDOP recipe I’ve made, and I’m already planning others. Doing 1/2 Greek yogurt and 1/2 light mayo is so smart! Thanks!!!

    • Cuts the points/calories down, but not the flavor. So happy you enjoyed Steph and I hope you love the others you try too!

  10. OMG loved this. I only had regular mayo, do you happen to know the points if you 1/4 cup regular?

  11. Absolutely delicious! And toasting the bread like you suggested just made it even better.

  12. Meredith

    Girl… I came on here to look at your chicken salad recipe and *happily* stumbled upon this egg salad recipe. I’ve been craving egg salad lately and never made it. Would the recipe be messed up if I used some sort of sweet pickles? My fav egg salad usually contains those.

    PS- love love your blog. Been following for years. Thanks !!!

    • I’m so happy you’ve been following along since the beginning! Well, I assume since the beginning because you said years and I’ve only been doin’ this a couple years now. haha! I think sweet pickle relish would be fine, but omit the sugar in the recipe because it wouldn’t need it and that would serve as the “Sweet” I’d start off with a tablespoon then add more by taste. I know lots of people who enjoy sweet relish in their egg salad. I’ve never tried it myself though! It should taste great.

  13. What kind of bread do you use? Going to make this tomorrow!!

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