One Pot Alfredo Pasta with Bacon & Peas

Lately, I’ve been all about ease. These lazy summer days are in full effect and I have pressed the easy button a few times now and what I mean by that is that I like to skip on using too many dishes whenever possible. I am quite literally the messiest person in the kitchen. You can’t tell from my photos, but when I am cooking there’s all but noodles stuck up on the ceiling. I wish I was exaggerating, I really do. My mom tried to teach me the value of “cleaning as you go” since my early teenage years. She still tries to give me a quick lesson in this method every time I am in her kitchen, but alas it’s just not me. I am a messy woman in the kitchen, and that’s just a fact! BUT, i’ll tell ya what, some of my favorite creations come forth when there’s precisely 730 different dishes to do, twenty containers open on the counter, and my dogs are licking some sort of sauce off the lower cabinets. Why am I telling you all about my disorganized chaotic method of choice when it comes to cooking? Well, I’ve been seeing all these “one pot” dishes lately. The ones where you quite literally make every single lil thing in one pot and then you have dinner ready and there’s like 3 dishes and even less if you make everybody eat with their hands and use paper plates. This is a real treat for someone like me who just has such an aversion to doing dishes and loading the dishwasher. I truly refused to believe that a one pot meal like this would even work for the longest time. I got to thinking I should probably just test this theory myself for the sake of my own sanity. You see, I’m just a bit stubborn. ha! My better half would tell you that’s the understatement of the year. It takes me a very long time to conform to different methods of just about anything which is why I still do not own a Instant Pot or an Air Fryer. However, I am really thinking about getting an air fryer  because I am seeing so many delicious creations via instagram lately. I really think I’d like to join the air fry party.

So about this one pot pasta. I went with bacon because well bacon and I are the bestest of friends in the kitchen and I use it whenever I can. (See: Bacon Balsamic Turkey Burgers, BLT Pasta Salad, Bacon and Pepper Frittata, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit Bake)  I went with peas because Pepper absolutely loves peas right now. I’m talking it’s almost the only thing she eats besides fruit and cheese at the moment so we almost always have 3-4 packages of frozen sweet peas in the freezer. Last but not least, I went with parmesan cheese to help aid the cheesy, creamy, delicious factor because parmesan cheese is just so dreamy, a bit salty, and has a nutty flavor that I just love. Not only is the pasta a big hit on busy nights when I don’t want to dirty any dishes. It’s a huge hit with my little miss Pepper.  She eats a whole heck of a lot of it and it makes my heart so happy to see her eat something that isn’t cut off of a block of mozzarella cheese. She still refuses any and all macaroni and cheese, but this pasta and her are golden so I will continue to make it for her every few days because it’s just her favorite right now and I really, really love her. Also, Eric and I just love it too! Also, I only have a few dishes to do after dinner and there aren’t any noodles or anything on the ceiling. It’s easy, dreamy, delicious, and that’s all I can really ask for these days.

Let’s get into the kitchen, shall we?

One Pot Pasta

First things first, mince up a few cloves of garlic real quick and set aside. You’ll need them real soon.

Grab some center cut bacon and cut into small pieces.

Place the bacon in a deep large skillet and cook until it gets nice and crispy. (You’ll need the proper fitting lid for this skillet. Just a heads up, If your house is anything like mine and your child digs in the cabinest for different pots, pans, and lids and chases the dogs with the pots and makes hats out of the lids. I’ve had to search for said proper fitting lids one too many times. I normally find them in places like the dog bed or under the couch.

When the bacon is crispy, add the minced garlic and cook just until fragrant. Literally about 25 seconds.

Drain the grease off.

Add in your noodles, water, broth, and salt & pepper.  Don’t mind my lil mix of whole wheat and white fiber shells. It’s just what I happened to have had on hand over here. Bring to a boil, stir, then cover. Simmer for about 12 minutes or until the noodles are cooked.

There we go. They should be cooked perfectly.

Pour the half and half and parm into the cooked pasta. Over high heat, bring pasta to a boil while stirring constantly.

Add peas and continue to stir until sauce thickens and peas are heated through. About 3-4 minutes.


And just so ya know, there’s one way to make it even more delicious. Cook up a few extra slices of bacon and crumble just a bit on top of each bowl.

It’s just so bright, colorful, and easy! This pasta comes together so quickly for me and after dinner, especially if I made everyone eat with their hands, I just have a handful of dishes to clean up which is one of the sweeter things in life. I love this meal so much. Since this is something I almost always have in the fridge lately. I’ll letcha know that I’ve also used it more as a side next to a delicious piece of grilled chicken or bulked up the protein by adding in a handful of already grilled or shredded chicken breast. I hope y’all enjoy. Let me know if ya make it!

With love from my kitchen to yours,





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One Pot Alfredo Pasta with Bacon & Peas

a heavenly creamy, cheesy one pot pasta with peas and bacon

Cuisine American
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 5
Author Star


  • 10 slices bacon, center cut uncooked and sliced into small pieces
  • 4 cloves garlic minced
  • 8 oz shells dry, I use barilla white fiber or whole grain
  • 1 1/2 cups chicken broth low sodium
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 1/2 cup half and half
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese grated
  • 1 1/2 cups sweet peas frozen


  1.  In a large deep skillet add the pieces of bacon and cook over medium heat until crispy. Add the garlic and cook just until fragrant, about 25 seconds. Drain off the grease. Stir in pasta, water, chicken brother, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil and reduce heat. Cover and simmer for about 12 minutes or until the pasta is cooked. Add the half and half, parmesan cheese, and peas. Over medium-high heat, stir constantly until sauce is thickened for about 3-4 minutes. Salt & Pepper to taste. Sprinkle with extra crispy crumbled bacon and or parmesan cheese if desired. 

Recipe Notes

Suggested Serving Size: 1 1/4 cup

8 Freestyle Smart Points (calculated using Weight Watchers Recipe Builder)

9 Smart Points (calculated using Weight Watchers Recipe Builder)

9 Points Plus (calculated using My Score Plus)

350 Calories 13.5g fat, 6g saturated fat, 40g carbohydrates, 6g fiber, 2.5g sugar, 18.2g protein (calculated using My Fitness Pal) 


  1. Delicious! Super easy and my family loved it. Thank you Star for another great recipe

  2. I made this for my husband and he couldn’t get enough. It was so good and super easy to make. Can’t wait until I can make it again.

  3. Lovely! Question – what would it be if you removed the bacon (unholy – I know) lol.

    • I think it would still taste pretty delicious because of the creamy alfredo. You could even add a bit more parmesan! Did you try it that way?!

  4. This was amazing! We will make again for sure. Thanks for the great recipe!

  5. Okay, so I made this recipe on Sunday night and I LOVE it. But I did something wrong when making it and I’m not sure what… I am on day three of the recipe, so I should have two servings left, and I always measure out my servings, but for some reason I don’t have enough? I measured out 8 oz of pasta which in my mind was 1 cup of pasta. Did I need to use a scale and instead measure out 8 oz of pasta?

  6. I made this recipe on Sunday night (LOVED it by the way) and today is my third day of having it for lunch. The recipe states that it makes five servings but I only got three out of it for some reason. I always make sure to measure out each of my servings so I’m not sure what I did wrong. Do you weight your pasta out to 8 oz? I only used 1 cup of uncooked pasta.

    • I am so happy you enjoyed it!! I always weigh my pasta because dry pasta is just oddly shaped and measuring it in measuring cups can be difficult to do and off. (You get more bang for your buck when weighing) I went and grabbed shells and a measuring cup and weighed and measured 8 oz of it. It’s roughly 2 1/2 cups of dry pasta vs the 1 cup that you used. So there’s the answer, Sorry bout that!

  7. mmmmmm chicken brother 🙂

  8. Thoughts on subbing canned peas for frozen? Thanks!

  9. Lynn Daniel

    I made this tonight and it was really good. My husband enjoyed it too. This will become a regular on my Weight Watchers menu. Thanks for the great recipe.

    • You’re welcome. I’m so happy to hear you and your husband liked it! Thanks for stopping by at letting me know! =)

  10. Husband approved! Delicious, easy, and fast, thanks for another great recipe!

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for the feedback, Katy! This is just one of my absolute favorites right now. Life is better with alfredo in it!

  11. Love your recipes and your crock pot marinara gives me life! This dish looks SO delicious and I’d love to make this! One question – does the bacon get overly soft or mushy from leaving it in when you add the liquids? I expected to have to remove it from the pan before adding the liquid. My daughter has weird texture issues lol. Thanks!!

    • I definitely don’t think it gets mushy, but it’s not super crispy the way it would be if you were just frying/baking it up. If she’s really turned off by texture maybe remove it from the pan just to be on the safe side. I’d hate for her not to enjoy it because of that! I hope y’all enjoy it when ya make it. Let me know how it goes!

  12. YUMMMMM! Another great one! I’m doubling the recipe next time.

  13. Delicious!!! I used ham instead of bacon (what I had in the house), and made 1 1/2 times of the sauce. I added some corn starch at the end to really thicken it up. And, making it in one pot was so easy! It was incredible!!! My husband absolutely loved it like I did. It’s a keeper for our household, and I’m going to share it with others!

  14. Loved this! I used about 1/2 the garlic and was happy with that amount but I’m not a huge garlic person Very good, very easy recipe that will be in my regular rotation now!!

  15. I live alone, so would either want to half the recipe or freeze in single serving portions – any idea if freezing would be an issue – just not sure with the half and half in there. One way or another, I have to try this – it looks delish!!!

    • I would definitely halve the recipe. I’ve never tried freezing this, but it just doesn’t seem like it would freeze the best to me. I hope you enjoy it!

  16. Hi! Made this tasty dish tonight and it was kid approved. I’m so excited to find meals that are Weight Watchers friendly and kid approved! Makes my life so much easier making one dinner!!

  17. Did you use grated parmesan that comes on container or shredded bag parmesan cheese?

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  19. Not a big deal, but just so you know…your instructions say to stir in the chicken brother haha.

  20. Can’t wait to try this. I’m making my grocery list and wasn’t sure if I should use regular bacon or turkey bacon. What type of bacon did you use? Either way, I’m sure it will be delicious!

  21. I made this tonight. SO delicious! I used the WW recipe builder and came up with 10 points per servings instead of 8. Did I calculate wrong? Thank you for this recipe!

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Sometimes certain brands of ingredients can effect the point value, but it’s possible you calculated wrong too.

  22. Yum!! I made this tonight and the fam loved it! I actually used penne pasta and added shrimp. After the bacon was crisp I removed it from the pan and sauteed shrimp and garlic… then removed them from the pan to cook the pasta. Then just mixed everything together with the cream. Sooo yummy! Thanks.

  23. I’m wondering how many points this would be without the bacon? Just not a bacon lover. Thinking about adding chicken instead!

  24. I made this Friday night and it was amazing! I felt like I was cheating and it was a great feeling to know I wasn’t! I have the white chicken chili in the crockpot right now, can’t wait to try that!

  25. Going to make this Friday night! Was wondering the size of the shells you used? Small or medium? Thanks!!

  26. This was incredible! I made it last night for my husband and myself. He loved it .. i Loved it! It is going in our rotation for sure. YUM

  27. This was wonderful! My husband said it was his favorite and he can’t believe I can eat this on Weight Watchers. We had it two nights in a row and even my picky-ish 14 year old son liked it. We also really love your street tacos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  28. Mel Hopkins-Staples

    I would love to try this but totally flummoxed with half and half? What am I missing?

    • Are you in the United States? Half & Half is mixture of milk and heavy cream that is sold in bottles/cartons near the milk in grocery stores. I remember a few people asking about it before too and they were from England and Ireland and apparently this doesn’t exist there. I would stir equal parts of milk and cream to get the same result.

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  31. Any thoughts what the best vegetable to replace peas for this recipe could be? My husband HATES peas so thinking of what else to use. TIA

  32. Made this after seeing on your Instagram in the last week. So delicious! My husband doesn’t like peas, so I roasted some asparagus and replaced the peas with it. It was so good! Highly recommend. I may add even more veggies in the future. Thanks!

  33. This is the best.thing.ever.

    I made it last week for dinner and the whole family loved it – even my picky seven year old! I made it again last night as a side to my husband’s grilled chicken. (I also subbed the shells for Carba-Nada egg fettuccini noodles and it was delicious that way too!)

    Thanks for such a fantastic recipe! This is a forever keeper.

  34. Do you think this would work with fat free half and half? I always have some on hand for a couple other recipes. Would it still thicken up? Thanks for all your recipes. They’re amazing.

  35. So very delicious! Thank you!

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