Make Ahead Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

Good Morning. July was quite the month over in the DDOP Home. We’ve got lots of exciting things happening, I did a Weight Watchers take over, which was such an amazing opportunity. My blog got so much exposure, and I am so grateful. (If you’re new around here, HEY THERE! Glad to have you. Hope you enjoy delicious food and lots of rambling.) We also took a small vacation to Lake Michigan! Eric’s family has owned an absolutely gorgeous property right on the lake for over 100 years. It was so good to relax and unwind. I had so much down time especially after Pepper went to bed that I didn’t even know what to do with myself. (No Netflix on the Lake! haha)

I am so glad I thought to stuff my recipe notebook in my bag at the last minute, so I was able to write some of my recipes and jot down ideas for new ones. The air was so crisp and cool at night that it reminded me so much of fall, so there’s lots of soups and fall comfort food on the way over here soon enough. I get so excited to be in the kitchen in the fall. Ya’ll know how much I LOVE cooking, but turning on the oven in the summer is such a sweaty bummer.


Even though I’ve been out of school for quite sometime. ( Approximately 10 Years actually. Eek has it really been that long?) and Pepper hasn’t entered the school season of her life yet. I still think of school back in session when it comes to fall. And I know many of you HAVE to think of school right now. Crock pot meals, quick breakfasts, anything a little quicker and easier to get you back into the swing of school season.


I’ve been making these freezer friendly breakfast sandwiches for a few years now, I love having them as a super easy and healthy (if you play your cards right) breakfast option. These are Eric’s absolute favorite. I make his with real eggs & a pork sausage patty because he needs a little more substance for his long work days, and he couldn’t care less about points or calories because he doesn’t need to watch his weight. (grumble) The best thing about these sandwiches is that they are completely customizable, I’ve done center cut bacon, turkey bacon, deli ham, Canadian bacon, turkey or chicken sausage patties, or just egg & cheese! Just remember, depending on the sandwich filings you use the WW points and calories could be more or less!

Eric and I have been so busy with the farm house that we have gotten into a terrible habit of grabbing breakfast sandwiches out and about. I usually grab a Egg White Delight or a Subway Egg & Ham Flat Bread on days that we just want to get straight to work on the house. This time around while grocery shopping I decided to do the math and see how much money we save by not grabbing breakfast at Mcdonalds, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Etc. to make 12 sandwiches It’s about $20.00! How many sandwiches can I get for 20 bucks? I think 4ish. Maybe 5, Depending on where you go. So I’m calling that a serious WIN.

Now I’ll stop talking your ears off and I’ll show you how to make these guys:


Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

Start off by pouring about 3 cups of egg beaters into a 9×13 sheet pan. Make sure the pan is sprayed fairly well all over and on the edges. Or you’ll have a serious mess. I’ve done that multiple times while in a rush. Trust me out of all the steps, you won’t want to skip that one. Pop the pan into a 350 degree preheated oven for 15 minutes.

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

*If you want you can use whole eggs too. Go ahead and whisk a dozen eggs together, Pour into the sprayed 9×13 pan. Pop into preheated 350 degree oven for 13 minutes instead of the 15 with the egg beaters.

Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

Fry up your bacon!

Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

I just love bacon. Set it aside on some paper towels to sop up some of that delicious extra grease.

Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

I use these english muffins because they are only 2 Smart Points and 90 calories per muffin. I find mine at Walmart & Jewel Osco. Save the bags. You’ll need them later.

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

If you need to: take a moment and slice open your english muffins and set aside. Most muffins are pre-sliced. These ones are not.

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

After your eggs are done baking, cut into 12 squares. You’ll probably be able to cut them accurately. I don’t know what I was doing, not paying attention to cutting squares, that’s for sure.

Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

Next, I make of an assembly line and I start building sandwiches. This recipe makes 12 sandwiches, but I normally double or even triple it so that there’s about a month worth of “work week/school week” breakfast sandwiches ready to go.

IMPORTANT: These items need to completely cool before you make the sandwiches up. You can let them set on the counter for about 20-25 minutes or place them in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

Lay out all the english muffin bottoms

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

Layer your egg squares, followed by a piece of bacon (or whatever topping you choose)

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

Lay the cheese slice on top. Don’t worry. Your cheese slices might go rogue and not stay together while taking them out of the wrapper. Just plop them on there. It’ll be fine.

Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

There we go, the sandwiches are all done!

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

How delicious do these all look?

I might have just ate one for a snack because, in a few minutes they will be designated breakfast sandwiches and I just wanted to eat one before that happened.


Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

Use a square sheet of aluminum foill and wrap up the sandwiches one by one.

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

All done! (A cheese piece still decided to go rouge. It’s okay, I ate it.)

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches


And here’s the part that I think saves these sandwiches from any type of freezer burn and also makes them stay nice and organized in the freezer.


These will stay good for 3 months in the freezer.

Here’s the thing:

I don’t like them straight from the freezer into the microwave. They just don’t heat thoroughly and I find myself having to disable the entire sandwich and heat some parts separately. I don’t know, I might be doing it wrong, but that’s okay. I do a lot of things wrong.

Here’s what I do: I usually take a entire pack of 6 out (or how ever many I am planning on eating that week) and let them thaw at least over night before making one in the morning. I microwave them for about 50 seconds and they are good to go.

I’ve also popped them in the oven, still wrapped in foil, at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes.

Either way works beautifully!

I hope these sandwiches make those busy mornings a little more bearable and a lot more delicious.



Much Love




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Make Ahead Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

the perfect lighten-ed up on-the-go sandwiches for your busy mornings.
Servings 12
Author Star


  • 12 light english muffins , I use Healthy Life Original
  • 12 slices American Cheese made with Skim Milk , I use Kraft Brand
  • 12 Slices Center Cut Bacon
  • 3 cups Liquid Egg Substitute , I use Egg Beaters
  • Salt & Pepper , to taste
  • Cooking Spray , I use coconut oil spray


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9x13 cooking sheet (with sides) with cooking spray. Be sure to get the sides.
  2. Pour 3 cups of the egg beaters into the pan and salt & pepper.
  3. Place in preheated oven for 15 minutes. Uncovered.
  4. While the eggs are cooking, fry up your bacon, and set aside.
  5. Separate your english muffins. Do not toss the english muffin bags.
  6. When your eggs are done, cut into 12 squares and transfer to a plate to cool faster.
  7. The eggs & bacon need to be completely cool or at least room temperature before assembling the sandwiches. Let sit for about 20-25 minutes or pop into refrigerator for about 10 minutes.
  8. Form an assembly line and build sandwiches. First the egg, then the bacon, followed by the cheese, and top with the other half of the english muffin.
  9. Lay out twelve squares of foil and start wrapping the sandwiches completely.
  10. Place 6 sandwiches each back into the english muffin bag and tie.
  11. Freeze for up 3 months. Before heating, Let the sandwich(es) thaw over night.
  12. Microwave for 50 seconds or pop them in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes.
  13. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

Serving Size: 1 Sandwich

4 Freestyle Smart Points (calculated with Weight Watchers Recipe Builder)

4 Smart Points (calculated with Weight Watchers Recipe Builder)

4 Points Plus (calculated with My Score Plus)

160 Calories, 1.5g fat, 23.5g carbs, 6g fiber, 16g protein (calculated with My Fitness Pal)


  1. undercoverweightwatcher

    What a great idea for the busy school mornings. I need to get my hands on those muffins. I’ve given up English muffins because of points…and also because I like them with melted butter in every cranny. I’d love a good four point breakfast sandwich! xo
    PS You made me laugh when you said you did a lot of things wrong. All I see is you doing a lot of things right, but I do like your humility! It’s definitely part of your charm, my friend!

    • Yes! Every Walmart I have been to has them. I hope you can find them! They are honestly pretty yummy & taste perfect as sandwiches!

      And as always, you’re always the best and give me the best compliments! Thanks for all the love you show, Erin! So lucky to have you as my buddy!

  2. Shana Barry

    I have found if I wrap in Saran Wrap and then put them all in a gallon size freezer bag they tend to taste better. I’ve been making these for a few years now, they are a life save. And heyyyy I have to find those English muffins. The one I use are 3 smarties! Thanks for another great recipe!

    • I used to do the Saran Wrap method, but in all honesty. I am Saran Wrap challenged and avoid working with it at all costs haha! I started using the foil squares a couple years ago and I think they keep the quality too. 🙂 i hope you can find those muffins there are such a good deal!

  3. You posted this at the perfect time! I was just starting to get a little panicky thinking about school routines/crazy mornings starting again! Thank you so much! Love your writing, too! You’re awesome!

    • Thank you!!!! So much for your sweet compliments! I’m glad these might make your mornings a little less crazy! I hope you enjoy them!

  4. Sonia Villarreal-Orson

    Thanks for posting this! I go back to work in 2 weeks and these will be a perfect breakfast on the go! Your recipes are wonderful and easy to follow!! 🙂

  5. @savage.momma

    Before I started working, I used to make a version of these for my teen girls every morning! I am excited to try these out for the new year which could help all of our morning routines. Definitely going for the oven option though since I prefer to avoid the microwave. Thanks for posting this great idea!

    • I hope that you and your girls enjoy them! I avoid the microwave a lot too! That’s why I posted oven directions too 🙂 good luck with back to school!!!

  6. oh, great recipe! I do a breakfast burrito and my husband usually eats them all before I remember to eat them for me! I will have to give this a try for our back to school routine.

    • I’m doing a freezer friendly breakfast burrito next! I Love those too! Get those burritos before hubby eats them all, girl! Or hide them! 🙂

  7. I’m curious how these are only 4sp? Are you using egg whites and turkey bacon? In my system this is how I see it.
    English muffin 2sp
    1 piece bacon 2sp
    1 egg 2sp
    1 piece cheese 1sp
    Total 7sp

    • I will write the total points out for each item and then you divide by twelve.

      12 English muffins- 28
      12 slices of center cut bacon- 10
      3 cups egg beaters- 3 (if you are using whole eggs- it would come out larger)
      12 slices American Cheese Made with Skim Milk- 6

      In the recipe it shows exactly what I used- in the photo proceed I used whole eggs as another option after I showed egg beaters because some people do not like to use egg beaters.

      Total: 4 Smart Points Each 🙂

  8. Thank you for the new idea for breakfast. I love getting egg white delights too, but they are almost $3 here. Plus I can heat one up when I have to be at work at 5am.

    Question – have you ever toasted them before assembling them and freezing? Not sure with heating it in the oven.

    • Eric’s LOVES these for his 5:30 AM breakfasts. Quick & Easy! When I began making these I did toast them, and honestly by the time you froze them and reheated them it didn’t make much of a
      Difference. There was a SLIGHT difference, but nothing to write home about. I like not toasting them, personally because it just took so much extra time during the prepping process!

  9. Hi! I made these on Sunday! Thank you! Also I have had a bit of trouble with the ones I made making the eggs just taste really soggy. I was wondering if you have any tips. It was a hot day. So maybe I didn’t let me cool long enough. And I have been pulling them out and putting them in the fridge overnight before the next morning. Do you think the oven method would help? (I also used egg beater egg whites if that matters!)
    Thanks again! Any suggestions would be wonderful!

    • I’m don’t think the egg beaters would matter. It’s fairly important to have all ingredients cool when assembling the sandwiches! I’ve made mine in the microwave dozens of times and their wasn’t a sogginess to them. Did you wrap in foil and then bag them before putting into the freezer? I prefer the oven me method, because they do “crisp” a bit more, but I’ve never had a problem with the microwave when really pushed for time!

  10. I’ve never heard of Healthy Light Original English muffins and I love breakfast sandwiches. I will have to go to wal-mart and look for them.

    • Jenna, yep! This brand makes bread, English muffins, hot dog buns, and hamburger buns! I love to save a little point here and there with them. I hope your Walmart carries them and you can find them. I also saw that you have a blog and took a quick glance! It looks lovely! I’m looking forward to reading more of it soon! Best, Star

  11. Hey Star,

    These look great! You may have already answered this but, when you use the oven method for reheating (vs microwave) do you also make sure the sandwich(es) are thawed? And if you use the oven method from frozen, did you find the same issue with them not being warmed all the way through?

    Can’t want to try these!

    • Tiffany, yep! At the very bottom of the blog post it says all my heating instructions. 🙂 I have never put them straight into the oven from the freezer. I normally let them have the chance to thaw at least over night and then I put them in the oven in the morning (or whenever I want to eat them!) I will try one out tomorrow from frozen and see how it works out, but if I had to guess I would think it would heat a bit unevenly!

  12. Loved them! And super easy and quick to make! I had tried making breakfast burritos and it was a mess with trying to measure everything out. These are super simple and delicious! Thanks!

  13. Desiree Gagnier

    I don’t understand how this can be for smart points 2 points for the English muffin two points for the egg 1.4 the bacon two points for the Chiefs maybe one if it’s low fat I don’t understand where the Four Points comes from.

    • I build the recipe within the Weight Watchers App.
      Healthy Life English Muffins- 28 SP
      3 Cups Egg Beaters- 3 SP
      12 slices American Cheese made with skim milk- 6 SP
      12 Slices Center Cut Bacon- 10 SP

      You divide by 12 servings and it comes to 4 Smart Points.

      Each sandwich would break down to about one point between the egg and the cheese, 2 points of the healthy life english muffins, and a point with the bacon.

      I just follow how WW divides them out. Enjoy! Best, Star

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  15. I’m glad to discover this site. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further posts. Thanks!

  16. I’ve made these! Love them and they’ve saved my hide on busy mornings!

  17. I’m making these today but wondering if you’ve ever added green onions, chopped peppers and/or mushrooms to the egg beaters while coolin? Would it make it too watery?

    • I have added chopped green onions before! No mushrooms or green peppers though. If I had to make a good guess, I think it would be just fine. I would just add a little. And I would make sure the eggs aren’t ‘jiggly’ at the 15 minute mark. They may need an extra minute or two! I hope it works!

  18. While cooking!!! I guess I didn’t proof my message!! Sorry

  19. Made these yesterday and they are so good! I am so glad you posted about those English muffins….I didn’t know they existed!! Where do you find the skim milk cheese? I can only find the 2% kind. I have seen the previous comments and they are probably using the wrong cheese too. It still is only 5 points which is amazing! Thank you!!!

    • I am so happy you enjoy! I have been able to find the cheese just about everywhere in my area. Walmart, Jewel Osco, Kroger, Woodmans, Hyvee! (I have not checked Targets) The brand I use is Kraft, but I have seen people make it with Skim Milk Cheese- Borden’s brand!

  20. I made these today and am anxious to have one for breakfast! They sound awesome! Thank you!

  21. I was wondering if there is alternative to the English muffins keeping close to the lower points)…any suggestions would be appreciated. My throats always starts getting tight when I eat English muffins so I tend to stay away from them now! Lol

    • I’ve made these using Thomas Bagel Thins! (They have whole wheat, plain, and everything flavor!) You can find them in almost all grocery stores in the bread aisle. I hope that helps!

    • A sandwich thin could also be a good alternative.

  22. Hi there! So when you thaw and put them in the oven (or microwave) you don’t have any problem with the muffin getting soggy from the egg? I made a version of these (not your recipe, but similar) about a month ago and they were a soggy mess in the microwave. Hoping your method of thawing overnight and oven baking will correct this! So glad I found your site! Love your recipes! Your street tacos are the jam!

    • I don’t think they are soggy whatsoever! If you bake them in the oven they have a bit more crispy-ness, but if you just put them in the microwave it just tastes like a muffin. I think there’s two key points in making these. 1) Letting all ingredients cool completely before assembling sandwiches. 2) Wrapping in the foil and then the plastic bag! I hope they turn out just as yummy for you as they do for me! Enjoy

  23. Have been having these the last couple weeks for breakfast. So yummy and nice to have something already prepared. I pop one in the toaster oven in the morning while I am getting ready. Thanks for the recipe.

  24. What brand of turkey sausage do u use

  25. Can you use egg whites for this? Like … Kroger Egg Whites? (They are like beaters but way less points).

  26. Thank you so much for posting these (even though I am a bit late to the game!) I follow you on IG so I have seen some of your awesome recipes! This one I just had to try to help me get back on track with breakfast and going back to teaching this week! I decided to try it with regular Thomas’ English Muffins (couldn’t find the ones you suggested at my local grocery store, but if I decide to make these again, will head to Walmart to try to find them) and also just thin colby-jack cheese slices instead of the skim milk singles. I put it in the recipe builder or WW and they came out to 7 points. I can totally deal with that for breakfast (it is much better than grabbing a bagel and cream cheese or doughnut at the drive-thru!) or even lunch! Thanks again!

    • Better late than never! These are a serious life saver. I can’t think of a time in the last few years that I haven’t had them in the freezer ready to go. I’m so glad to hear they are helping your busy mornings!

  27. I do not like eggs but I really want to make these. I am thinking of making them with sausage or ham… Any suggestions? I want to keep them at 4 points at most

    • sausage tends to be higher in points, even turkey sausage. I’d stick with ham, center cut bacon, or Canadian bacon to keep the points low. Just make everything up the same minus the eggs. The sandwiches should still be 4 points, possibly even 3 if you can find the 2 point english muffins in your area. Hope you enjoy!

  28. When I scanned the muffins they came out to 3 points, do you think something has changed since you first posted this?

  29. Do you toast the English muffins first?

    • I personally don’t, but a lot of people do to help keep them a little “crispy”. Put them on a baking sheet in the oven at 400 for about 10 minutes or until toasted. =) It’s much easier than toasting individually in the toaster!

  30. Dumb Question Alert!

    So I made a half size batch of these for my first run through. And I used a slightly smaller pan for half the amount of egg whites. So I did 1.5 C egg whites in a smaller dish. It seemed that the egg whites needed longer in the oven. After they had been in for 15 inures the middle still was uncooked. Anyone else experience this? So I cooked them for maybe another 5 minutes till they felt more firm to the touch. After they had cooled and I ate one of these sandwiches the egg FELT under cooked. Like the texture seemed off. Too watery or spongy. Do yours feel more firm when you eat them (like a McDonalds egg McMuffin) or more sponge-like. Just wondering if next time I need to bake those egg whites even longer! THANK YOU! Otherwise these are really delicious. I made mine with turkey sausage patties. And I loved them out of the oven because the english muffins got nice and crisp and toasty. YUM!

  31. One more question. I think you said the cheese you use is 1 sp. I had the hardest time finding cheese thats 1 sp. I scanned every single package of sliced cheese I could find. Borden singles. Kraft Singles. Lucerne Singles. Sargento. I tried from the “fancier” stuff in the resealable bags to the “cheaper” stuff like Kraft singles. It all scanned in at 2 sp (or more) per slice of cheese. Do you know exactly which cheese you use that is just 1 sp? I finally found a Sargento Ultra Thin Swiss for 1 sp but honestly the slice of cheese is so thin (like tissue paper) I didn’t really even taste it so might not be worth even using that one. Wondering which specific cheese you use for 1 sp? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry for being such a pain!

    • Hi Christy! I’m so happy you liked the sammies despite a couple technical difficulties!
      1. Oven times can vary for sure. When you take the pan of eggs out it should be solid, but not “hard”. I would for sure let them stay in there an extra 3-4 minutes and just keep a eye on’m. In other words, If ya take the pan out and it’s “jiggly” in the middle it probably needs a couple more minutes.
      2. The cheese issue. Kraft and Borden farms make American cheese slices that are made with skim milk. These slices are 0 Smart Points each. The American cheese slices made with 2% milk are 2 Smart Points. I am able to find the Kraft brand at multiple stores, but the Borden Farms brand is only at one store I go to. However, I do see a lot of people using this brand on Instagram.
      Options if you can’t find either brand … You could take one slice of the 2% american cheese and half it. (American cheese melts so nicely so a little can go a long way!) Sargento also makes “ultra thin” deli slices I believe the provolone and baby swiss are only 1 Smart Point.. and the cheddar and colby jack are 2 Smart Points. Same thing, you could half the slices. To me, baby swiss doesn’t half that much flavor in the first place. So that could be why you didn’t taste it. Try the provolone, I use that on my regular sandwiches a lot!
      Next time I am at the grocery store (by myself! ha!) I will run through the cheese aisle and try to find some different options. Just taking a look at my Weight Watchers app right now I do see that there is also Kraft 2% White American Cheese that is 1 Smart Point, but I don’t know for sure if I have seen it at any of my stores.
      I really hope that helps! (And you’re not a pain!)

  32. Oh my goodness thank you so much for the help! My “regular” Jewel Osco store didn’t have the right cheese selection, clearly. I’ll hit up a different location next time. Thank you SO MUCH for all the tips!! I just wanted you to know my husband buys Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches and each is 7sp. To be able to make these myself at home for just 4 sp is awesome! I’ll save a point wherever I can! Also thanks for the tip on these English Muffins! Saved yet another SP there too! If these tasty little breakfast sandwiches become a regular in my home (as I suspect they might) I’ll probably be buying a toaster oven for easy heating since I love the muffin all toasty! I have my meals all planned out for next week and Monday night I cannot wait to make your meatball sub bubble up!!! It looks SOOOO AMAZING! Thank you thank you thank you for whipping up all these amazing recipes and taking the time to share them with all of us! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • You’re welcome!! You can pop them in the regular oven for about 15-20 minutes too and the muffin will be toastier (is that a word?) than microwaving. (If you wanted to avoid buying a toaster oven) I usually pop’m in there while I am getting ready and then it’s good to go on my way out the door. Meatball Sub Bubble Up is a super popular recipe on here and also a family favorite. I hope y’all enjoy it!! Hope you have the best weekend! Lots of love!

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  34. Omg!!! So simple and gorgeous!!!!! Yum yum yum Just found you and your receives are amazing!!! Back to work Monday after maternity leave and these will be so handy

  35. Hi. I recently joined ww and when I saw this recipe I couldn’t wait to try it! So first off my local Wal-Mart needs to hop on the band wagon and get those English muffins. Secondly I used a blend of egg whites and while eggs to get my 3 cups seeing add that’s all I had in the house. Well, the 3 cups of egg was way to much for my pan and spilled all over the floor and my oven and my eggs got rock hard that I bag to throw it all away. Any ideas as to why this happened?

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  37. Sarah Watkins

    Do you not pre-toast the English muffins like for the make ahead pizza ones? I’m heading to the store two buy ingredients for both! Just wanted to clarify

    • I don’t pre-toast the muffins for the breakfast sandwiches. I never have, but after many people saying they started pre-toasting the english muffins for these I decided to give it a go with the pizza ones since when I think of pizza I think of a “crunch”. I personally don’t feel like the breakfast sandwiches need it, but a lot of people like to do the extra step with these now too! =)

  38. I have sandwich thins opened at home will those work? Also, if I’m making tonight and want to have one tomorrow should I leave one out in fridge?

    • Sandwich thins will work perfectly and yep, leave the sandwiches in the fridge if you’re planning to eat them over the next several days!

  39. I made these today. I used turkey bacon instead of regular. Made the sandwiches 3SP. Delicious! Had to stop myself at one. Definitely will make these again. Thanks for the recipe.

  40. These are literally the best. Thanks for sharing!!

  41. Kraft quit making the skim milk cheese! Any ideas on substitutes? Borden also makes one but they don’t distribute in Colorado. So frustrating,

  42. Kraft quit making the skim milk cheese! Any ideas on substitutes? Borden also makes one but they don’t distribute in Colorado. So frustrating,

    • Oh no! I’ve still been seeing it at the store, but maybe it’s the last of the product. A couple things you could do… You could use a half of a piece of the American Cheese made with 2% milk. It melts so well that it’ll still feel like a whole piece of cheese. I actually do that a lot. It will make the sandwiches one point more, but 5 Points for a filling breakfast sandwich is still a really good deal! You could also do the same with the Sargento thin slices.

  43. Hi,
    You said, in one of your replies, that you were going to try putting the sandwich in the oven in a frozen state. Did you? If you did, how did it turn out?
    You have a great site!

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  46. hi there! to thaw them overnight should i keep them out of freezer and put in refrigerator or just keep out period?

  47. How many points would these be on the new Freestyle program?

  48. I’m new to daily dose of pepper and I’m loving it so far. Today I made a batch of breakfast sandwiches and can’t wait to try one in the morning.
    While reading through the comments, I saw a breakfast burrito mentioned. Have you possibly posted that recipe? I’m always looking for on the go breakfast ideas.
    Thanks for taking the time to post all of these great looking recipes.

  49. I can’t wait to make these I have been buying the ones in the grocery store and they cost a fortune with both my daughters and myself eating them plus these are healthier!!!! Thank you 🙂

  50. Thank you for this post! To microwave them, do you take them out of the foil and just microwave them on a plate or do you wrap them in a paper towel or anything??

  51. The SmartPoints haven’t gone down with the FreeStyle Plan? I noticed the points stayed the same. I was hoping we’d lose a point for the egg. 🙂
    p.s. They are freaking amazing and so are the Make Ahead Freezer Pizza sandwiches.

  52. Have you ever heated these in the air fryer? If so, how long/temp? Thanks so much!!!

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  55. I absolutely love this! I’ve been making these for 4 months now. Its so easy and tastes amazing.

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